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Connectivity Offers

Tier 1

IP Transit

Available for NTT, TATA or Teleglobe

From £6/Mbps



IP Transit

Tier 1's and 100's of peering agreements

From £5/Mbps


IP Transit

100's of peering agreements over 93,000 routes

From £1/Mbps

Leased Line

Line Connection

Dedicated, high-speed and secure connection

From £395/Month


Line Connection

No expensive install and reduced led times

From £145/Month

Point to Point


Up to 10Gbps to any site in the world from our network

From £70/Month

Out of band


Simple cost effective solution available at all of our PoPs

From £15/Month

Connectivity Services

Connections to virtually every data centre in the UK

The Blueprint IT are one of the leading data centre connectivity solution providers in the UK. We provide a multitude of connectivity services for companies; including IP Transit, Leased Lines, Interlinks, xDSL services and much more.

We use our network and those of our partners to find the best solution to your requirements. This enables us to find you the most cost-effective solutions possible.

We focus on high speed, high reliability services with connectivity solutions up to 10Gbps across the UK. Through our extensive international network of partnerships, we can extend our connectivity services to the rest of the World.

We provide IP Transit or Point To Point Interconnect Connections to most Global cities around the World.

Questions? Let us help

To speak to one of our consultants about how we can assist you with your connectivity, please call 0203 872 2475 or email us at