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At The Blueprint IT we pride ourselves on giving you the best possible amount of information, so you're safe in the knowledge of making an informed buying decision.



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Here at The Blueprint IT we identifying vendors in local markets and matching them with your customers’ geographic requirements can be a time consuming exercise, particularly for widely dispersed, multisite projects. Now you can forget all that and just turn to The Blueprint IT.

The Blueprint IT has you covered with 400+ partners in 1,200 markets across 160 countries. Tap into the industry’s largest network of service providers featuring the broadest array of products and start making every sales call count.

How we close more of your leads
• 400+ partners in 1,200 markets across 160 countries
• More products and services
• Vendor neutral, customer-centric solutions Program features
• Accelerated sales cycle
• No quotas or commitments
• No exclusivity
• Web-based lead management
• Industry-leading compensation plan

For more information

To learn more about the The Blueprint IT Referral Program and find out about our unrivaled compensation plan, please call 0203 872 2475 or email us at